Business and Investment Program


One of the most established and widely-used Investment based immigration programs is offered by Canada with an aim to confer permanent resident status. Through this program Canada attracts individuals with a significant ability to contribute to the Canadian economy.  Thus, Canada seeks to promote economic growth and to create more job opportunities by attracting entrepreneurs, investors and self- employed individuals from outside Canada. Individuals from outside Canada with required business skills, significant acumen, and available venture capital can invest in Canada and can also avail the social benefits of a national health care program, first-class education for their children and a national pension system that provides measurable annual income upon retirement.

If the option of business class immigration sounds well-suited to your goals and experience, there are various immigration pathways from which you can opt for the one offered by a particular province depending on where you plan to live or reside.

Business and investment immigration offering permanent residence to Canada is comprise of:
  • Quebec immigrant investor program (QIPP),
  • Quebec Entrepreneur program,
  • Quebec Self- employed program,
  • Provincial nominee Entrepreneur program,
  • Federal Immigrant Investor Venture Capital pilot program(IIVC),
  • Federal Start-up Visa Program

 The investor programs are well suited for the high net worth individuals, who wish to make a passive investment with zero obligations to set-up a business, while various entrepreneur and self-employed programs are generally aimed at individuals with a mild range of personal net worth.